Turn up the Volume

Often on the spiritual path, we get caught up in the unending cycle of striving to become a better person.  More enlightened, more successful, more abundant, better manifestations, bigger house, nicer car, and better body, the list goes on. I’m not suggesting that this is right or wrong, good or bad. I am, however, asking you to examine your motivation.

Are you attempting to ‘fix’ what you perceive to be wrong, in order to be worthy?

When we attempt to change from rejecting self; we are sending the message that we are not good enough and life will respond accordingly.  If we are constantly trying to alter the external, there will always be just one more thing to correct. The inner child or the ego is insatiable; it never feels good enough.

When we realize we are okay just as we are, and accept that we are not a problem to be solved but a soul to be loved; our life automatically changes.  Change inspired from love is permanent.  Change motivated by fear never lasts.

I invite you to take inventory of your life. Instead of looking at what needs improvement, look at what is currently working. What already brings you joy, love, and fulfillment?  Turn up the volume on those things, and as you focus on the good, more will flow into your world.

I’m not asking you to turn a blind eye, I’m asking you to ‘turn the other cheek’, look in the other direction. Turn up the self-love, acceptance, and appreciation.  Increase your attention on what’s already working and focus on what you're walking towards, rather than what you are walking away from. Be your own best friend, rather than your worst enemy.  Listen to what God says about you-- and TURN IT UP!

Today I listen to the whispering in my heart.  I turn up the volume and dance to the music in my soul.  All is well in my world.

 Kathleen Kelly