"Kathleen Kelly is one of the most magnificent coaches I have ever known. Her work shifts and heals on all levels, in ways that give you tools to practically and playfully create a life in which you feel empowered and loved.

In the 18 years that I have been channeling, Kathleen is one of MY only spiritual advisers. Her connection to spirit is pure and her work is profound."

Natalie Gianelli / Professional Spiritual Counselor and Channel


"Kathleen Kelly is one of the most trusted and wise people in my life.  Her work has been invaluable and transformative in both personal and professional spheres. Her gentle humility combined with her enormous talent, knowledge, and profound gifts create an incredibly safe space for deep personal growth and creative exploration.   Since our first session together her guidance has allowed me to meet and overcome the challenges life has offered me, with a level of grace and peace I didn't imagine possible before meeting her.  She has been the primary guide in my life for many years and I am forever grateful."

Caterina Scorsone/ Actress, Greys Anatomy


"Kathleen's intuitive gift is honed by deep commitment and experience - it's incomparable. She is tuned in, spot on, and empowering. She sees what's needed and communicates it in a way that is personal, practical, and healing. She is the boost I need to help me grow my life into what is possible."

Shira Fox/ Writer


"One of the most powerful experiences of my life!  Kathleen's ability, talent and genuine compassion is a phenomenal gift. She was able to shift my grief to a completely different level and brought me clarity and inner acceptance.  One session with Kathleen is like taking a ride through your own mind and body coming out at the other end a truly heightened and more evolved person.  She is a master at what she does!

Gabrielle Himelhoch / Choreographer


"Kathleen Kelly is truly an angel. Her guidance over the years has helped me see all areas of my life in pure light. Kathleen channels the sessions, and always lovingly sheds light on issues where I need clarity. Her sense of humor and compassion is comforting and enlightening. Every session with Kathleen is unique and practical. Whether our sessions have focused on health, work or relationship, I've always felt lighter and clearer afterward. The work I've done with her over the years has given me the confidence to release old patterns and pursue dreams I may not have dared."

Julie Rader Wellman / Founder, Mukti Yoga School


Kathleen has been a guiding light in my life for almost 15 years. She knows how to listen and I always feel heard….it’s as if we are the only two people on the planet when I’m in a session with her. Kathleen has seen me through many hills and valleys, and as an artist there have been plenty of both. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of counseling, guidance, healing or inspiration.

Bob Stevens /Photographer /Director


"You will feel an instant feeling of calm and relief when Kathleen begins to guide you into the appropriate healing that you are seeking (and possibly not even be aware that you need).  Kathleen is very professional in her approach, with a comforting and easy way of communicating her healing guidance.  I was feeling a bit chaotic in my life when I went to Kathleen for a healing/therapy session.  Things just didn’t seem to be moving in my life, and I was desperately seeking someone to help me turn on the light and get moving in the direction that I kept dreaming about.

 I must say, I initially wondered if this was a temporary improvement of some sort because I just couldn't believe the difference in me, but now many months later; I can definitely confirm that my treatment was successful and extremely beneficial. I highly recommend these healing sessions for anyone that is feeling blocked, in need of healing, or has had trauma."

Amy B. / Professional Yoga & Wellness Coach


"Kathleen's spiritual coaching has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. She has an innate ability to tap into the Divine and access the very heart of the matter. Through her soul-centered guidance, she is able to provide practical and useful tools that help guide you through deeply rooted issues with simplicity and ease."

Amanda Moore


Kathleen has been a Spiritual guide to me for the last decade. She is always spot on in her analysis and helps me to see the best parts of myself. Whether it involves relationships, career or personal living, her guidance and perspective have helped me take back my power and confidence so I can be a conduit of peace and love to all those around me."


Matt Rothert - Local Legend and Yin Yoga Master