I've been described as a thought leader, coach, counselor, teacher, speaker and well- being advocate. Using this hybrid style allows me to incorporate both Eastern and Western philosophies and work powerfully in the physical and non- physical realms. My work blends science and spirituality with unconditional love and intuitive guidance. My focus is on self-love and acceptance as necessary ingredients to achieve harmony in your relationships and achieve well being in all areas of your life


After graduating with a psychology degree in 1992, I came to Los Angeles to participate and then work for Tony Robbins in his 'Fear Into Power Seminars'. I got to see and experience first hand the power of the mind and witnessed over two thousand people walk across fire without getting burned, including myself.  I've worked with his teachings to learn how to 'manifest' and create massive amounts of movement and change.  After walking on fire, I became fascinated with the power of the mind and was hungry for more information. I was on a mission. I packed my bags, left my job, family, friends and country to study under the leading edge thinkers of the time. Although this was fun and exciting, I eventually craved something deeper.

It was then that I found Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith and the Agape International Spiritual Center. I immediately jumped into a 4-year practitioner training that combines spiritual principles and practices with counseling skills. I became licensed in 1999 as a Spiritual Practitioner and worked in many departments of the center. Teaching classes, facilitating workshops, writing for their monthly inspirational publication Inner Visions, serving on the prayer line and co-directing a woman’s group in West Los Angeles gave me a good springboard to go even deeper.

For the last 25 years, I've immersed myself in the field of Holistic Healing and have studied various modalities that assist the physical, mental, spiritual and energetic well-being of an individual. I've experienced and witnessed many miracles and have been blessed to meet and study under people you'd never find in a classroom or formal setting, their influence on my life and work has been beyond measure.

My expertise is in the field of inner transformation. Blending counseling, coaching and healing modalities to assist you in creating what you want, is my passion. This work helps to clear any energies or obstacles that are preventing you from living your full potential. From this beautiful blank space, I'm honored to coach you in creating a life where you feel enthusiastic, alive, awake, clear, connected, fulfilled and on purpose.  

Deep in our souls, we know that a more beautiful world is possible. It begins in our own garden.