Cultivating a deep sense of Self Love and Acceptance is key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

Soul Coaching is designed to work at a deep soul level. It goes beyond the mind, ego, personality or psychology.  While addressing the external conditions in your life, we search your internal landscape for the root cause of unwanted conditions. Not from the standpoint of fixing you, but from the stance of remembering who you truly are, spirit in form, with infinite possibilities. This work activates your highest potential and helps you to demonstrate it in your life. It allows you to powerfully step out of your 'story' and into the Truth.

Investing in the evolution of our soul is the most important work we can do!

Soul Coaching is similar to a traditional counseling session in many regards, but the focus is more on solutions, rather than problems. More time, attention and energy are spent on potential instead of pathology. The focus is on where you're going rather than what you’re moving away from, which makes all the difference in the world.

Soul Coaching is much like Life coaching using practical tools and techniques to help you to accomplish your goals, but rather than focusing on the external things you think you want, it's geared to help you to uncover what you really want, not the thing itself, but the way you think you'll feel when you have it.  Once we've identified the feeling, we work on cultivating it in your life on a daily basis so that you become an energetic match for what you're wanting. We begin where you want to end. 

Soul Coaching is a blend of over 20 years of study in the field of psychology and personal transformation. It's practical yet intuitive and metaphysical in nature. Kathleen works with her guides and yours upon request and permission.

A session begins with a spiritual mind treatment which evokes the highest and best outcomes and aligns the energy. It's followed by dialogue and intuitive counsel concerning anything the client wants to take a look at on that particular day. If the client is open to it, the session is concluded with Theta healing or other forms of energy work tailored to what was worked on in the session. Kathleen will sometimes use NLP (Nero linguistic programming) to help reprogram the subconscious mind when it seems like the path of least resistance. Soul Coaching is a holistic approach to treating the mind, body, and spirit, tailored to your individual needs and requests.

Kathleen holds a powerful space for change and transformation.


Kathleen is committed to Transformation, Expansion, and Evolution of the Soul. She works from the inside out in order for you to have lasting change.


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