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        Letting it out, instead of putting it in.

How refreshing it is to remember that all that we desire, seek and search for, we already have a version of it within us.  Just as the giant oak tree is in a single acorn, we too have the seeds of everything we want deep within our very own soul.

When we realize it’s not the things we want, it's the way we think having them will make us FEEL. We free ourselves from the incessant need to get more or fix what we perceive to be broken.

The mind may think it wants a new car but what it really wants is freedom. Freedom is already within us. Begin to ask to feel this emotion and let it flow outwards and let the universe surprise and delight you beyond your wildest expectations.

Our society bombards us daily through various forms of media with suggestions of our incompleteness. We have been brainwashed to think we are not enough and need whatever they are selling.  If we just buy their products and be good consumers our lives will go much better.

We must awaken from this mass hypnotism and realize that all that we want to feel-- the love, joy, peace, abundance and freedom are qualities of the divine and the true essence of our being. We are most fulfilled when we allow ourselves to feel these qualities and share them with the world. It's our true nature.

We can never fill what feels empty with the stuff of this world. This vicious cycle of always trying to get more will never satisfy the ego. The same Divine substance that created the entire universe is within us right now! What more could we want?  This substance can fulfill every need and desire. The search is over, you are it. Time to let it out!

 Release the love, peace, and infinite wisdom that is already within you and allow the universe to abundantly supply you with all needs met.

Kathleen Kelly