Practicing Self Love

Self-love has become quite a buzzword with meta-physicians and those interested in personal growth and development. We talk about it, write about it, sing about it, but how consistent are we in practicing it?

In the moments of high resolve; when we are inspired, engaged in pleasurable activity, or observing something in our life that we deem as ‘good”, it is easy to feel and express love for ourselves; but what about the moments we find ourselves in conflict with others, life, or some aspect of our own inner being?

 Are we able to find Self-Love in the symptoms that occur in our body when it is attempting to get our attention?  What about when those well-known issues in our life; rear their ugly heads in the body of our affairs to alert us to the imbalances that are wreaking havoc in our lives?

 It takes an incredible amount of Self-Love to practice Self-Love. It’s more than a concept; it’s a way of life, an inside job.  Can we love the myriad of things that offer us the opportunity of healing and ultimate freedom? 

Unfortunately, many of us reject, resist, or ignore the conversation that is attempting to get our attention.  As a result, the volume gets turned up on the ‘dis-ease’ – the cyst gets bigger, expenses incur to take the money we don’t have, and our relationships eventually become unbearable. When we finally become still and listen; with compassion and appreciation, love begins to bloom.

When we embrace all parts of ourselves, even the undesired, we participate in real Self-Love. Ironically once we do that, the symptoms and stressors begin to heal, transform and disappear.  Love is the answer to every question and the solution to every so-called problem, any questions? Now you know the answer

Today I embrace all aspects of my being and imbue myself with absolute unconditional love.

I radiate and receive love everywhere I go.

When you no longer hold parts of yourself at arms length, you become the love you are searching for.


Kathleen Kelly ALSP