After getting my degree in psychology, I felt there were too many emphases on pathology in the traditional methods of counseling, this methodology of 'counsel', though it had some benefit, also kept people addicted to their stories. 

The majority of the focus in traditional counseling is on what’s wrong with the person, it repeatedly talks about the person’s problems, which keeps the problems active in their energy field, thus drawing more problems to them. This keeps them looping in the past, and doomed to repeat it!  I knew there had to be a better way that could be more effective and easier on the person while taking a fraction of the time to get better results.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of personal growth and development, I have a full toolbox to pull from and specifically tailor each session according to your needs in the moment. 

In my search for greater truths, I started working with the IMMUTABLE LAWS of the universe. After demonstrating great strides forward in my own life, I began to help others work with these laws and found various ways of rewiring the brain and shifting the subconscious patterns that kept people chasing their tails.

This work holds a powerful space for transformation. I love to see your 'issues' from a broader perspective, get right to the heart of the matter and give you the information necessary to activate the highest potential of your soul.

There is great healing in bearing witness to your highest potential.  It provides a solid platform for you to stand on new ground that supports you in experiencing the magnitude of your true essence. This will undoubtedly increase the love, joy, peace, success, and fulfillment in your life.

           My ultimate goal is to assist you in cultivating a radical self-love that will transform your world.

          The objective of my work is to help you see how this alignment with self, reflects and expresses in every area of your life.   

          These sessions are designed to give you practical tools and practices that will immediately enhance the quality of your life and will renew it from the inside out.

Wouldn't you rather learn your 'life lessons' through spiritual insight rather than painful experiences?

Our world tells us to work on changing the unwanted EXTERNAL conditions, but on a deep level, we know that leads to an unending hamster wheel of 'never good enough', there will always be one more thing to fix. A change made in the external is fleeting. However, change made from an INTERNAL shift is permanent.

I not only believe in miracles but expect them.