True transformation and lasting change happens when we have a shift in consciousness.

This is primarily what a Soul Coaching session is all about. The intent is to have you take this work into the core of your being, and allow it to awaken within you -- your limitless nature. Attempting to fix, alter or change the external conditions without addressing the root cause of dis- ease (in whatever form it takes) would be laboring in vein. Kathleen works from the inside out, any other way is going against the very nature of the universe. It's the way that everything expands. If you want change in your world, you must change!

 We train the universe how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. Making this our starting point allows for deep transformation and lasting change. The quality of how we feel about ourselves affects everything in our life -- the relationships we have, the money we earn, even how we measure of our health and wholeness.

The Websters definition of Life Coaching is -'An adviser that helps people makes decisions, set or reach goals, or deal with problems'. It defines Coach as 'One who instructs players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs a strategy.' And Soul as 'The spiritual part of the person that is said to give life to the body'.

Any athlete that wants to be at the top of their game, has a coach.  There's no shame in it.  It's expected if you take your sport seriously.  Why wouldn't we have a coach for the most important game in town... your life!

The energy you achieve your goals with will be the same energy waiting for you at the finish line. If the journey is filled with struggle and strife there will be more of same when you achieve what you think you want. Like energy attracts like energy. Everything you want is because you think it's going to make you feel a specific emotion. Through Soul Coaching, we evoke that emotion FIRST, clearing anything that is unlike it in your energy field, and then create from there. This method takes far less time and effort, and will not only have you feeling great in the end, but also along the way! An unhappy journey does not lead to a happy ending.

It is an honor and privilege for me to hold the space of healing and transformation for you as you transition through what you are working on.  It is my pleasure and passion to witness you in a nonjudgmental atmosphere, with unconditional love and acceptance, and to see what you are moving through with divine insight rather than human eyesight. I love supporting you as you leap into the next greatest version of yourself. 

I must first be aligned with Divine intelligence and Source Energy to do my work, and although it is of great benefit to you, it is also a beautiful gift I give to myself.

From this space, using counseling skills and intuitively tuning in, we address the symptoms of the dis-ease, the appearance of a problem, or the energy of discord and uncover the original cause. From here we can dissolve it from the point of creation. This is where lasting change occurs. Whether you are healing from a broken heart, searching for your purpose or struggling in relationships with others, Soul coaching will help to clear away the road blocks and give you daily practices for setting up new patterns designed to help you thrive.

Love is the one thing that heals all things, and the most powerful energy on the planet.  It can transmute and transform conditions right before our very eyes, and is the cornerstone of my work. When love and faith are being fully amplified in your life, you no longer face your problems -- your problems face you!  You are an eternal, limitless, being. You don’t have to let your problems have power over you for one more day.

Time to change the channel and be reminded of what’s RIGHT about you, what’s not only possible, but probable when you live an inspired life steeped in spiritual principal, truth, and an unbounded Self love.