THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.
“ Just the tip of the iceberg” is a great expression when it is used to describe something positive. It gives the feeling that the best is yet to be discovered and delivered.
When we see the magnificent tip of an iceberg it is indeed an impressive sight, but it is only a tiny piece of its entirety. Ninety percent of the iceberg is underwater, unknown, and unseen, but without it, the ‘tip’ would not exist.

The portion that is unseen is the ESSENCE of the beauty we behold. It reminds me of our own true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience.  Sometimes we identify ourselves more with the tip; the part that is visible to the world, but we are so much more than what the physical eye can see. When we look with our inner eye we are able to see ourselves as vast, expansive and eternal beings.

Often when I find myself in the midst of a challenge I realize I am; in that moment, identifying myself more as the “tip” rather than the majestic iceberg.  It’s getting caught up in appearances that prevents me from seeing what my soul is trying to teach me.  When I go within and sink into the true reality of my being, I remember my essence and feel a deep love and connection to all that is. 

From this elevated state, I can easily put things in proper perspective.  I perceive life as a playground designed for us to play out the scenarios that will best assist our evolution.
As I joyously see through the eyes of my soul, and listen with an open heart, I hear a voice whispering ...“this is just the tip of the iceberg.”