The Journey is the Destination

                              The Journey is the Destination


 Like energy attracts like energy. Metaphysic’s 101 right? The energy we use to get there will be the energy we find when we arrive. There can be no happy ending to an unhappy journey, the energies don’t line up.

If you're banging it out, stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated; feeling like there’s always something else you need- there will always be something else you think you’ll need in order to be happy. It’s a trap. Yes, you may have some temporary relief and celebration at your ‘destination’ or outcome but it will not be long before the energy you dragged with you will be knocking on your door. The way we travel the journey will determine what we will find at the end of the road. The momentum of energy is a guarantee .

Maybe that’s why the people that are doing what they love seem to have deep fulfillment. They are fulfilled along the way, fueled by passion and desire. The million-dollar question…. Are you enjoying your process? Even if you are not currently engaged in your dream job or dream life …can you mine your current experience for the gems? Can you celebrate what feels good now and what is already working, so it may be amplified?  

What you appreciate appreciates. 

The reward is instant when you make feeling good a priority, regardless of the condition.  Being unconditional is the real mastery beckoning us right now.Find a thought that feels a little better until your momentum is rolling in a positive direction, so that when you reach your destination there will be more to celebrate.

The mind is programmed to notice and fix what’s not working. We are in the midst of great evolution. Time to reprogram the mind out of the desperate need to survive into the mandate to thrive. Take your attention away from your perceived broken pieces to remember and reveal your wholeness and perfection. See yourself through Divine eyes and before your know it you’ll be living more from this holy place and heaven will break out all around you.Like energy attracts like energy. Simple metaphysic’s 101 right? The energy we use to get there will be the energy we find when we arrive. There can be no happy ending to an unhappy journey, the energies don’t line up.

Happiness is a choice.  Rather than someday when I get or do this or that, begin where you want to end and celebrate the gift of the journey along the way.

Kathleen Kelly

Practicing Self Love


                                           Practicing Self Love

Self-love has become quite a buzzword with meta-physicians and those interested in personal growth and development. We talk about it, write about it, sing about it, but how consistent are we in practicing it?

In the moments of high resolve; when we are inspired, engaged in pleasurable activity, or observing something in our life that we deem as ‘good”, it is easy to feel and express love for ourselves; but what about the moments we find ourselves in conflict with others, life, or some aspect of our own inner being?

 Are we able to find Self-Love in the symptoms that occur in our body when it is attempting to get our attention?  What about when those well-known issues in our life; rear their ugly heads in the body of our affairs to alert us to the imbalances that are wreaking havoc in our lives?

 It takes an incredible amount of Self-Love to practice Self-Love. It’s more than a concept; it’s a way of life, an inside job.  Can we love the myriad of things that offer us the opportunity of healing and ultimate freedom? 

Unfortunately, many of us reject, resist, or ignore the conversation that is attempting to get our attention.  As a result, the volume gets turned up on the ‘dis-ease’ – the cyst gets bigger, expenses incur to take the money we don’t have, and our relationships eventually become unbearable. When we finally become still and listen; with compassion and appreciation, love begins to bloom.

When we embrace all parts of ourselves, even the undesired, we participate in real Self-Love. Ironically once we do that, the symptoms and stressors begin to heal, transform and disappear.  Love is the answer to every question and the solution to every so-called problem, any questions? Now you know the answer

Today I embrace all aspects of my being and imbue myself with absolute unconditional love.

I radiate and receive love everywhere I go.

When you no longer hold parts of yourself at arms length, you become the love you are searching for.


Kathleen Kelly ALSP

Turn up the volume


                                          Turn up the Volume

Often on the spiritual path, we get caught up in the unending cycle of striving to become a better person.  More enlightened, more successful, more abundant, better manifestations, bigger house, nicer car, and better body, the list goes on. I’m not suggesting that this is right or wrong, good or bad. I am, however, asking you to examine your motivation.

Are you attempting to ‘fix’ what you perceive to be wrong, in order to be worthy?

When we attempt to change from rejecting self; we are sending the message that we are not good enough and life will respond accordingly.  If we are constantly trying to alter the external, there will always be just one more thing to correct. The inner child or the ego is insatiable; it never feels good enough.

When we realize we are okay just as we are, and accept that we are not a problem to be solved but a soul to be loved; our life automatically changes.  Change inspired from love is permanent.  Change motivated by fear never lasts.

I invite you to take inventory of your life. Instead of looking at what needs improvement, look at what is currently working. What already brings you joy, love, and fulfillment?  Turn up the volume on those things, and as you focus on the good, more will flow into your world.

I’m not asking you to turn a blind eye, I’m asking you to ‘turn the other cheek’, look in the other direction. Turn up the self-love, acceptance, and appreciation.  Increase your attention on what’s already working and focus on what you're walking towards, rather than what you are walking away from. Be your own best friend, rather than your worst enemy.  Listen to what God says about you-- and TURN IT UP!

Today I listen to the whispering in my heart.  I turn up the volume and dance to the music in my soul.  All is well in my world.

 Kathleen Kelly

We Already Have It

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        Letting it out, instead of putting it in.

How refreshing it is to remember that all that we desire, seek and search for, we already have a version of it within us.  Just as the giant oak tree is in a single acorn, we too have the seeds of everything we want deep within our very own soul.

When we realize it’s not the things we want, it's the way we think having them will make us FEEL. We free ourselves from the incessant need to get more or fix what we perceive to be broken.

The mind may think it wants a new car but what it really wants is freedom. Freedom is already within us. Begin to ask to feel this emotion and let it flow outwards and let the universe surprise and delight you beyond your wildest expectations.

Our society bombards us daily through various forms of media with suggestions of our incompleteness. We have been brainwashed to think we are not enough and need whatever they are selling.  If we just buy their products and be good consumers our lives will go much better.

We must awaken from this mass hypnotism and realize that all that we want to feel-- the love, joy, peace, abundance and freedom are qualities of the divine and the true essence of our being. We are most fulfilled when we allow ourselves to feel these qualities and share them with the world. It's our true nature.

We can never fill what feels empty with the stuff of this world. This vicious cycle of always trying to get more will never satisfy the ego. The same Divine substance that created the entire universe is within us right now! What more could we want?  This substance can fulfill every need and desire. The search is over, you are it. Time to let it out!

 Release the love, peace, and infinite wisdom that is already within you and allow the universe to abundantly supply you with all needs met.

Kathleen Kelly

Tip Of The Ice Berg


                                    THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.
“ Just the tip of the iceberg” is a great expression when it is used to describe something positive. It gives the feeling that the best is yet to be discovered and delivered.
When we see the magnificent tip of an iceberg it is indeed an impressive sight, but it is only a tiny piece of its entirety. Ninety percent of the iceberg is underwater, unknown, and unseen, but without it, the ‘tip’ would not exist.

The portion that is unseen is the ESSENCE of the beauty we behold. It reminds me of our own true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience.  Sometimes we identify ourselves more with the tip; the part that is visible to the world, but we are so much more than what the physical eye can see. When we look with our inner eye we are able to see ourselves as vast, expansive and eternal beings.

Often when I find myself in the midst of a challenge I realize I am; in that moment, identifying myself more as the “tip” rather than the majestic iceberg.  It’s getting caught up in appearances that prevents me from seeing what my soul is trying to teach me.  When I go within and sink into the true reality of my being, I remember my essence and feel a deep love and connection to all that is. 

From this elevated state, I can easily put things in proper perspective.  I perceive life as a playground designed for us to play out the scenarios that will best assist our evolution.
As I joyously see through the eyes of my soul, and listen with an open heart, I hear a voice whispering ...“this is just the tip of the iceberg.”